Outside Looking In

posted on: Thursday, December 17, 2015

A laser cut lace dress to keep me insulted on those hot Aussie summer days and freezing on those windy hikes.

Alice McCall Stockist at Justa Local Store online.

Wearing: Alice McCall Outside Looking In dress* via Justa Local Store, Niclaire black leather backpack (red here),* Adidas Superstar sneakers, ThePeachBox bangles and Gilded Glam ring, Guess watch

White & diamond Guess watch.

Outside Looking In dress by Alice McCall.


Casual style lace dress with Adidas sneakers.
Vine pattern lace dress in black.
Luxe leather backpack for women.

In this photo:


Niclaire leather backpack*

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Justa Local Store review.

Black laser cut shift dress, street style.

Top New Zealand & Australian fashion online stores.
Open back laser cut dress from Justa Local Store.

Black lace dress with grape patterns.

Lasers cut black lace dress from Alice McCall.
Laser cut lace dress outfit.


So it’s not really hiking gear (and maybe I threw my backpack in the car before we actually started walking because yes, I’m really that lazy) but it was the perfect piece to keep me cooled down. It also happens to be the perfect piece to keep me at a subzero temperature for when my brother thinks it’s an excellent idea to go for a walk in incredibly turbulent oceanside winds. I guess that’s all my fault though.

The important thing though, remains that there is a way to help those in need while satisfying your shopping addiction thanks to Justa Local Store where they choose a different cause to donate to at the end of each month. It’s also important to note that they always have the coolest threads ready for you to shop so get your ass over there and finish up your Christmas shopping (Christmas gifts for yourself are totally acceptable) while doing your bit for society.

Photos by William Valle-Pezzanelli.