Albany Travel Photologue

posted on: Sunday, December 20, 2015

More photos of a paradise close to home. Click through for my Albany photo diary.

White sand & clear blue water beach in Australia.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram & Snapchat (& if not, why??), you would have seen bits of terrible documentation of my latest adventure down south.

Crystal clear, blue waters, blindingly white sand, bright green pastures & surreal scenery, a trip down to the great southern-west of Australia is a body-pinching experience.
I found it hard to believe such pristine waters & white, powdery sand really existed & so close to home at that. Although it may look like these photos have had the life saturated out of them (into them?), I can assure you that the waters really are this blue & the sand really this chalky. Albany is a reminder that paradise doesn’t always need to be tropical.

Sitting on the edge of the Stirling Ranges.
Climbing up Bluff Knoll in Albany, Western Australia.

Albany photo diary.

Albany photo dairy.

Albany town centre in Australia.
Albany photo diary.

Elephant rocks in Denmark.

Tree lined road in south-west Australia.

Mountain scenery in Albany.

Secret beaches in Australia.

Albany travel photologue.

Cheynes IV whale ship in Albany.
Climbing the Stirling Ranges.
Tree top walk in Denmark, Western Australia.

In this photo:


The treetop walk in DenmarkThe treetop walk in Denmark

Greenspool in south-west Australia.


Purple sea shells.
Green sea shells.


Australian travel photographer based in Perth, Australia.

Albany travel photologue.

Greenspool in south-west Australia.

Australian travel photographer based in Perth, Australia.

Cheynes IV whale ship in Albany.

White sandy beach in Western Australia.

Bluff Knoll, Albany.
Bluff Knoll, Albany, Western Australia.
Camping in Albany, Western Australia.

In this photo:


Camping life breakfast

Turquoise ocean water in Australia.

Australian wildflower banksia.

Clear blue waters in south-west Australia.

Cheynes IV whale ship in Albany.

Blue ocean in Western Australia.

Ferns growing through the bush of south-west Australia.

Whale World. Whale museum in Albany.
Matchstick model ship.

In this photo:


A model ship made of matchsticks

Albany photo diary.

Albany photo diary.

Couple goals, travelling.

In this photo:


#Couplegoals lol jks



Elephant rocks in Denmark.

Australian wildflower in Albany.

SWIG flasks.
Greenspool in south-west Australia.

In this photo:


SWIG flask* for those impromptu moments in need of a sip

Frog shaped pearls in Albany.


Dolphins riding a wave in Albany, Western Australia.

Climbing the Stirling Ranges to Bluff Knoll.

Whale skeleton in Albany.

Bright blue water in Australia.

White sand & blue water beach.
Albany photo dairy.

Stirling ranges, Albany, Western Australia.

Australian travel photographer based in Perth, Australia.

Wildflowers in Albany.

In the town of Albany, Western Australia.

Albany photo diary.

Australian poo chocolates.

In this photo:


Wanna buy some poo?

White sandy beach in Western Australia,
White sand & blue waters of Albany, Australia.

Climbing Bluff Knoll.

Albany windfarm.

Paradise beaches in Australia.


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  • This coast! <3 Just love your photography…

    xoxo, Fa

    Personal Style Blog FATIMAYARIE.COM

  • These pictures are absolutely beautiful and stunning! I hope one day I can visit this place!

  • Wow! Real paradise! Beautiful pictures!

  • Beautiful pictures. Felt so calm looking through all the pictures 🙂 Looking into Albany now!

    Real Life Nerd //

  • This looks so peaceful, absolutely amazing photos! Thank you for providing me with some inspiration whilst studying for my finals haha.


  • Nadia

    How in the world was I not following you on Instagram yet?? Fixed that 😉
    Stunning travel photo diary, babe! Had to look a few times at the pics.
    Kangaroo & possum poo, I am afraid to even ask lol
    Hope you enjoy the holiday season, hon!
    xox Nadia

  • What a wonderful photo diary! Your travels are always so inspiring!

  • carissa inez

    these are amazing photos. i would love to visit someday

  • Such a stunning place. Love your beautiful photos and how you edited them!

    xoxo, Christina

  • This is such an incredible photo diary – wonderful photography, everything is so bright and crisp! I really like how you mix perspective shots with close-up detail images 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  • I love all your photos, the aesthetic is so strong haha! What do you use to edit? Tutorial maybe? (;

    That favorite of you sitting on the edge is my absolute favorite. I’d love to visit one day.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

  • Your photos are amazing! I’m getting my hands on a camera this Christmas so hopefully I’ll start capturing things as well as this instead of quick snaps through my iPhone! A stunning place, I’m really taken by those cute little frog ornaments in the dish! For a second I thought they were real!

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland

  • Wow beautiful location, I would love to visit one day! x

  • What gorgeous scenery! 🙂

    You always find the most photogenic places to visit! 🙂 I guess Australia is full of them though really! We are lucky to live in such a great country!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • It’s funny that I always used to complain about how boring Australia was when I was younger but it turns out we have some of the most amazing (& secret!) places in the world!