The Witching Hour

posted on: Thursday, October 15, 2015

Looks like Halloween came early. In the form of a black bell sleeve dress.

Black mini dress outfit. Australian fashion blogger.

Wearing: Shein lace dress,* Minskat Copenhagen Lea XL clutch,* Forever 21 wedge clog sandals (similar here)

Black bell sleeve dress with lace sleeves.
Black bell sleeve dress with lace panels.

Black lace outfit & black leather clutch.

Black lace mini shift dress with wide sleeves.
Perth fashion blogger wearing Shein.
Wedge clog sandals with black mini dress. Boho outfit.
Minskat Copenhagen Lea XL clutch. Black leather clutch with crocodile emboss.

In this photo:


Minskat Lea XL clutch*

Shen dress review. Forever21 clogs. Chloe clog replica.
Similar clogs to Chloe clogs.


Lace bell sleeve dress.

Perth fashion blogger wearing Shein bell sleeve dress outfit.
All black outfit in mini dress .

Black lace bell sleeve dress.

Getting into the spirit (?) of Halloween early in a black, lace bell sleeves and somewhat resembling a skanky witch at the same time. Actually, the dress is quite a decent length and surprising good quality. Anything black or lacy and I’m in love. Tried to tone down the Wiccan vibes with some clunky clogs and I think this dress makes for a pretty neat boho-style outfit.

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