Split Decision

posted on: Monday, October 26, 2015

My second Jeanswest outfit sans the jeans.

Minimalist fashion outfit. Australia fashion blogger Shannon Valle. Jeanswest outfit.

Wearing: Jeanswest Kiko top,* Nicholas pebbled leather skirt, Seed Heritage leather mules, Minskat Copenhagen Dana leather bucket bag*

Perth street style. Perth fashion blog. Minimalist style outfit. Leather skirt & leather mules.
Jeanswest blogger collaboration. Jeanswest Kiko top.

Black mules with wooden heel.

Black leather outfit. Nicholas skirt & Seed Heritage mules.

Minimalist fashion blogger outfit.
White layered split top from jeanswest.

White layered blouse with split layer front. Jeanswest outfit by fashion blogger The Fashann Monster.

Black leather skirt from Nicholas the Label. Minskat Copenhagen Dana bucket bag.

In this photo:


Nicholas pebbled leather skirt

Jeanswest top outfit with black leather skirt.
Seed Heritage black leather mules.



Monochrome minimalist outfit. Black leather skirt with black leather mules & a black leather bag.

And what better way is there to dodge exam preparation than by putting on a flowing blouse, topping it off with a truckload of black leather and then pretending you’ve got places to go to? Well, I can actually think of a bunch of things (like laying bed eating and talking to my dog) but then nobody would get to see my pretty top and new shoes. Not to mention, leaving the house means cake and coffee and that’s almost just as good. Not as good as being a slob but it comes in prreeetttyy damn close.

So if you don’t see me on here for a couple of weeks, I’m either studying or I’ve run away to join the circus, which at this point, sounds so much more appealing then reading up on family law legislation and drowning in piles of notes.