In PureModa – Floral Peplum Bustier

posted on: Friday, October 9, 2015

Casually wearing a floral peplum bustier and horse hooves for boots in the middle of the bush because I’m the master of dressing (wrongly) for the occasion.

Pure Moda online store. Talulah Summer Nights bustier floral print peplum top.

Wearing: Talulah Summer Nights bustier* via PureModa, Queen Shop jeggings* via Re.Mu, Missguided boots,* Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag, ThePeachBox bangles* & Coil Melt Ring

Australian bush flowers.
Black skinny jeggings with structured floral top & platform boots.

Fashion editorial, Australian bush.


Structured flower print peplum top from PureModa online clothing store.

PureModa clothing, Talulah Summer Night bustiers. Australian fashion blogger editorial.
Strapless floral peplum top with black pants & black platform boots.
ThePeachBox bangles and Coil Melt Ring

In this photo:


ThePeachBox bangles,* Coil Melt Ring

Tea tree flowers in the Australian springtime.

Australian bush fashion editorial.
Talulah Floral Nights bustier, floral peplum top.

Australian bush fashion editorial from Perth fashion blogger Shannon Valle.

Australian fashion blogger editorial. Structured peplum top.

I’m pretty glad we didn’t come across anyone while shooting these photos in the bush because I just wouldn’t have had the energy to explain any questions that may have arisen from the location and outfit combination. Then again, I’ve ended up in some pretty odd places, wearing pretty inappropriate clothing all in the name of getting photos for this blog.

It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks with me trying to finish up more assignments but PureModa kindly gifting me this gorgeous Talulah Summer Nights bustier made it a little bit more bearable. Not enough for me to enjoy actually studying but enough to get me to trudge through the bush in horse hooves and make me think I enjoyed the hike. Who am I kidding? I’d take a hike through the Antarctic dessert over studying any day.

Anyway, the whole point of walking out here in giant boots (yep, wasn’t even smart enough to bring flats) was to find some wild flowers to shoot with but turns out Spring is already over where I am and all we got was some photos of me looking drunk and vacant (how about that last pic?) and enough bites to cover the backside of a rhinoceros.
It’s true, everything in Australia is trying to kill you.

Happy weekend.

Photos by William Valle-Pezzanelli.