The Dark Hour

posted on: Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A balancing act, with an edgy pencil skirt and structured peplum top.

Aussie fashion blog wearing minimalist style from C/MEO Collective & Seduce clothing.

Wearing: C/MEO Collective Warm Water top, Seduce clothing Dark Hour Skirt,* Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag, The Mode Collective Ankle Strap Point heels, ThePeachBox bangles*

Purple leopard print pencil skirt & black top. Minimalist fashion blogger.
Structured top in peplum style. Australian fashion blogger.

Australian fashion blogger wearing C/MEO Collective Warm Water top. Minimalist fashion blogger style.

Black peplum top & leopard print skirt minimalist outfit style.
C/MEO Collective Warm Water top & Seduce clothing Dark Hour skirt.

Just about to tip over and fall on my ass 

Perth fashion blogger Shannon Valle wearing C/MEO Collective Warm Water top.
Perth life & style blogger Shannon Valle.
Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag & ThePeachBox bangle.

In this photo:


Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag, ThePeachBox bangles*

C/MEO Collective Warm Water top & Seduce clothing Dark Hour skirt.
Leopard print pencil skirt. Dark Hour skirt from Seduce clothing.
Black structured peplum top & structured pencil skirt.

If you come back here during the dark hour this blog gets a little raunchy and by raunchy I mean I sit in bed watching Zombie Strippers (terrible movie btw) eating shepherd’s pie and wiping gravy across my face. Yes, I know, it’s an erotic scene indeed but someone’s gotta eat that 5 kilos of mince meat in the oven.

However, if you’re here during the normal hours, you get to see me waltz around in pretty clothes (or as my brother would put it: Cyndi Lauper’s clothes) like this Dark Hour Skirt and Warm Water structured peplum top while trying to balance myself in pointed heels. No easy feat. Or maybe it is and I’m just uncoordinated. You decide.