How To: Layer A Dress

posted on: Thursday, September 3, 2015

The lazy person’s guide on how to layer a dress.

How to layer a mini dress.

Probably a more accurate title for this post would be “how to wear unnecessary layers and look like a total tool” but who would need to learn that?

I could have just worn the dress or actually have put the cardigan on properly but anyone can do that. However, not anyone can tie a cardigan around their waist. That, my dear friends take great skill and some bi-polar weather. Actually, if you can’t tie something around your waist then you’re probably younger than 5 and shouldn’t be here. Come back when you’re old enough to read Harry Potter and know how to make eggs benedict. Then mail some to me.

Oh yeh, so you’re probably wondering what the instruction (singular!) to this tutorial is and this is it: wrap something around your waist.

That’s it. A jacket, cardigan, long sleeve tee. You could even wrap an octopus around there if you wanted to but this isn’t fishing 101 here.
It took me my whole life to realise this small trick could cinch in my waist, add some depth to an otherwise simple outfit, provide a layer handy incase the weather decides to shit itself and give an outfit a totally different look. Or it can make you look like a tourist. It’s a fine line but somebody’s got to tread it.

Monochrome minimalist Australia fashion blogger.

same dress, different knit 

How to tie a sweater around your waist.

Black platform boots from Missguided.

In this photo:


Missguided boots*

SASS clothing Black Magic dress. Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag.

Grey waterfall cardigan tied around the waist with a tropical print mini dress.

 ABOVE Wearing: SASS clothing Black Magic dress,* Popbasic cardigan* (old), Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag, Unlabelled platform sneakers

Neoprene mini dress in tropical palm print.
Grey cardigan tied around the waist to add layers to an outfit.

Neoprene scuba mini dress in tropical monochrome print.

How to layer a mini dress.
Minimalist Perth fashion blogger.

ABOVE Wearing: SASS clothing Black Magic dress,* POL clothing Arial LS knit,* Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag, Missguided boots*

Popbasic grey cardigan. Minimalist fashion blogger from Perth, Australia.

POL clothing sweater tied around the waist.

Photos by William Valle-pezzanelli.