Vacation Wishlist – Gold Sandals

posted on: Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Theres nothing like a pair of gold sandals with embellished flamingos stuck on top to assist you in pretending that your summer holiday isn’t already over.







Well, there’s probably lots of other things – sipping icy mojitos, laying on the beach, getting sunstroke from sitting outside a temple too long because your mom wanted to light a bunch of fireworks during lunch because she believed it would bring her good luck (true story, an excerpt from the book The Downfalls Of Having An Asian mother & A Few Advantages) – but I’m not about to do any of those things because
a) it’s too damn cold to be lying on the beach here or to be sipping ice-cold beverages &
2) the sun’s heat feels so weak right now I probably wouldn’t be able to get sunstroke here if I covered myself in tin foil & laid out on top of Uluru.

Though, judging by my inability to either recite the alphabet by sequence of only letters or count from one to two void of any mistakes, you’d be forgiven for thinking I have got sunstroke.
So instead of catching a cold, I’ll just sit here & keep adding things to my virtual shopping baskets (like those gold sandals I haven’t been able to get out of my head for the past few weeks) & looking at photos of all the food I ate while in Thailand last month. Don’t I just have one riveting social life.

No question mark because it’s rhetorical & I don’t need you to answer that.