Lace Be Honest – Lace Trim Shorts

posted on: Saturday, August 29, 2015

Who doesn’t love a pair of lace trim shorts, especially during the coldest days of the year.

Winter style in Australia. Perth fashion blog The Fashann Monster.

Wearing: POL clothing Arial Ls knit top,* Stylemoi lace trim shorts,* Minskat Copenhagen Lea XL clutch,* Zara sandals, ThePeachBox bangles* and Coil Melt ring*

Perth fashion blogger The Fashann Monster wearing POL clothing.
Striped fine knit sweater with shorts.

Black lace trim shorts from Stylemoi.

Spring blossoms in Mandurah, Western Australia.

Black lace trim shorts from Stylemoi.
Palms & pines in Mandurah, Western Australia.


Navy striped knot sweater from POL clothing.

Navy & tan leather two-tone clutch from Minskat Copenhagen. ThePeachBox bangle & coil melt ring.

In this photo:


ThePeachBox Coil Melt ring,* Minskat Copenhagen Lea XL clutch*


Winter street style. Wearing shorts in winter with a sweater.
Shorts & knit sweater outfit. Perth winter street style.

Just hanging out in the carpark, confusing people passing by

(even I don’t know what I’m doing there)

Black lace trim shorts with a navy blue sweater.

Erratic weather leads to non-logical outfit choices like the sweater and shorts combo. Sure it’s been done before but that doesn’t mean it makes any sense. Am I getting ready for gale force winds or am I going to the beach? We’ll never know. I could even being going to sleep in these shorts. Maybe I already did. I like to keep you guys guessing.

Besides eating mouthfuls of hair in between photos, the wind thought it would be nice to blow my top up to bare my unsightly stomach to a group passers by while simultaneously blowing my dignity down the street. But I guess I lost that when I started posting photos of myself on the internet.