How To: Wear A Dress As A Top

posted on: Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ever wanted to wear a dress as a top? No? Well now you can.

POL Clothing foil dress. Layered halter neck dress. Zara tailored black pants with drape front.

Wearing: POL Clothing foil dress* (worn as top), Zara trousers, Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag, The Mode Collective ankle strap point heels, ThePeachBox Floating Crystal bangle* and Coil Melt ring*

POL clothing foil dress print.
Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag.
How to wear a dress as a top. Different ways to wear a dress. Green & black outfit.
Green dress from POL clothing & black pants from ZARA.
Wearing a dress as a top. ThePeachBox floating bangle & coil ring.

In this photo:


ThePeachBox Floating Crystal bangle & Coil Melt ring, Tiffany ring

A green layered split-back dress from POL Clothing.

If there’s one thing I know how to do well, it’s using things for alternative purposes. Using chopsticks for spaghetti and salad, using study time for eating out, using my son as a servant (lol juuuusttttt kidding guys) and now finally, using a dress as a top.

I was supposed to shoot this in Thailand (no thanks to their customs system) and it’s way too cold to wear here while bearing legs but I really wanted to wear it out so I got a little creative and tucked it into my pants. It might sound crazy but hey, no one even knew I was wearing a dress.
But before you start tucking all your dresses into your trousers, here’s a few tips:

1. If the dress is super long or bulky, forget it. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing around a diaper full of goods. Chances are, that dress looks better as dress anyway.

2. Don’t wear super tight pants if you’re tucking the dress into them. You could probably get away with it if the dress was very light, but then, you’re probably wearing lingerie and not a dress. Make sure that your pants have a bit of room in them or it’s going to look like you stuffed your pants with something.

3. It’s easier if you choose a dress with layers, like the one I’m wearing. If it’s got layers, then half your job it done. Tuck the bottom in and let the top layer hang over the top, then it will look like the dress was born made to be a top. If it doesn’t have layers and you still really want to wear it as a top (for whatever reason), trying cinching it in with a belt to create some shape. It doesn’t always need to be tucked in.

4. Choose pants that have something in common with your top. Make sure the styles fit together. Here, I chose some loose fitting draped pants because the top also drapes a little and black because the top top carries black throughout the print. No one wants to look like their grandmother dressed them in the dark (or at all).

5. Check yo’self! From every angle. Make sure you’re not heading out with part of the dress caught in the zipper of your pants or that the back of it is belted up all wrong. Even ask someone if they like your “top” to be sure that it’s not blatantly obvious you’ve tucked your dress into your trousers. If they respond with “yeh, I love how your bum is eating your dress”, then it’s probably a good sign that you shouldn’t wear it like that.

And there’s my two cents. Do any of you repurpose clothes? I’d love to know. So I can, you know, add it to my alternative purposes list.

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