Cutting It Down (With Denim Cutoffs)

posted on: Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A comfortable pair of denim cutoffs and some cool layers to prepare for the Australian heat.

Layered v-neck blouse & denim cut off shorts. Perth life & style blogger.

Wearing: FATE clothing Lamina blouse,* Unlabelled denim shorts, Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag, Forever 21 wedge sandals

Simple denim shorts & white tank top outfit.
Destroyed denim shorts & a white v-neck singlet. Australians summer street style.

Rock pools at Rockingham, Western Australia.

Celine lookalike clog sandals.

White layered blouse from FATE clothing.

Australian summer style outfit.
Lookalike Celine clogs from Forever 21 Thailand.

Lamina blouse from FATE clothing worn by Perth fashion blogger The Fashann Monster.

Forever 21 clogs sandals - Celine lookalike clogs.

In this photo:


Forever 21 wedge sandals 


Rockingham beach scenery, Western Australia.

It’s still winter in Australia but already the temperature is picking up which can only mean that my wardrobe choices are becoming less and less. Until eventually I’m left walking around naked. Juuuussstttt kidding. It does mean though, that something’s gotta give and for me that’s the sleeves and long legs of my clothing. It also means more ice cream – I’ve already started planning out all the ice creameries I’m going to visit and it’s not even spring yet. But for those of you who do live in Australia, you’ll know how brutal our summers are. It’s not unusual to see people (probably only in FaceBook memes) sitting in eskies of ice (I promise we’re not all bogan over here) or me hanging out in the frozen section of the grocery store. Well, maybe that kind of is Bogan…