Paint Print Pants

posted on: Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Took these paint print pants for a walk today through Lumphini Park in the humidity.

How to wear statement print pants.

Wearing: Zara top, FATE clothing Paintly pant,* Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag, Unlabelled slides (from Chatuchak), ThePeachBox bangles* and ring*

Bangkok street style by half Thai fashion blogger.
Photography of Lumphini Park, Bangkok.

Paint print pants from FATE clothing.

Stray cats in Lumphini Park.


Skyscrapers from Lumphini Park, Bangkok.
Half Thai fashion blogger. Statement print pants outfit.
Slide sandals from Chatuchak market.

In this photo:


Leather sandals I picked up from จตุจักร (Chatuchak market)

Lumphini Park, Bangkok.

Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag with added pom pom fob.

Thai fashion blogger outfit.

Palms in Lumphini Park, Bangkok.

Giant monitor lizards in Lumphini Park, Bangkok.

Lumphini Park is an inner city haven for the water monitor lizard which can be spotted all over the 57.6 hectares of parkland.

Thai fashion blogger outfit editorial in Lumphini Park.

Lumphini Park is providing quite the backdrop for outfit photos. It’s just down the road, is beautiful and is the perfect place to get away from everyone. There’s always a lot of people there but you’re never hard pressed to find a secluded corner in within the lush gardens. Unless you’re opposed to giant lizards. Then you might be up for a challenge. The one in the photo above, I almost tripped over while trying to chase a different one. Fearless? Maybe. Easily amused? Definitely.

Never one to pass up on comfort, I paired a basic top from Zara with some comfortable pants from FATE clothing. There’s no time for heels in Bangkok’s bustle (despite pretty much every single woman wearing them) so a pair of hand-made leather sandals I picked up from Chatuchak weekend market were perfect for a walk and chasing lizards through Lumphini Park. I’m actually surprised they held up so well during my childish antics of running around the grounds.

Well, this child needs a drink, so it’s time for my bubble bath* before heading out for some cocktails and what I’m more excited about – food.

*Just kidding. We don’t even have a bath in our apartment here.