The Alpha-H Of Skincare

posted on: Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A review on the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Discovery collection from Luxola.

Minskat Copenhagen makeup bag,

I’m not one to start slapping new products onto my face. With these uglies, I kind of need to take good care of my skin to lessen the blow to any onlookers and just as my mother always likes to point out: I like to put more effort into cleaning my skin than my room. Or rather her house, because what women really want when they have children is a free maid, right?


When Luxola asked if I wanted to review the Alpha H Liquid Gold Discovery Collection I was kind of like “ummm… what if this ruins my skin? Then I’ll have really nothing going for me and I’ll probably have to migrate to Russia and live in a mountain cave where I brew vodka of questionable quality and sell it at a premium price to bordering countries to stay alive” but then I thought, why the heck not? If it doesn’t work out between us then I’ll just go back to my regular facial routine (which means mixing all my face products together and smearing it over my face) while making friend with the local bears. Well, it worked out and it gives me even more time to hang out in the kitchen to ask my mom when’s dinner ready?


Anyway, before things get too hot (I mean, were already talking about food…) let me share with you whats in the Liquid Gold Discovery Collection:

 Cleaning the slate


In this photo:


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The best skincare. products review.

I used all the products together because

a) I’m lazy and;

b) I’m lazy,

so I’m not sure which products had the best effect but I know that this cleanser did amazing things to my face.


If you want a frothy, foaming cleanser than is not it.


But… if you want something to balance the PH levels in your skin (i.e: get rid of oil rig worthy shine) then this is for you.


It’s promise to correct the skin’s natural PH levels isn’t an exaggeration, because after a couple of days of using this, my face was no longer shine city.

It also replaces the need for a makeup remover, cleanser and toner because apparently it’s a three in one thing meaning less time working on your face, more time eating.


I do miss the foaming of my regular cleanser though so I’ll probably switch it up every few days because a bubble bath on my face is always fun.

Balancing Act  

Liquid Gold from Alpha H.
Alpha H skincare review, Luxola.

After cleansing my face, I’d apply the perfecting day wear serum. This stuff is like liquid gold. I mean, there are tiny specks of gold floating around the liquid & if I didn’t massage it into my face properly I was left with two or three little metallic flecks on my face. Which I didn’t mind because it let me pretend I was a unicorn for the next few minutes.


After, I’d finish off by smoothing my regular SPF lotion onto my face & I’d be good to go. Hang out in the kitchen that is. Quite simple really, compared to my previous facial routine.

Perfecting the base

Luxola discount code.


Evening gives me the option of one of two alternate routines.


I started off with the Intensive Night Repair serum applied after my evening cleanse. This stuff is the bees knees. Literally. It smelt like honey to me and I had to stop myself from tasting it because, I can’t be the only person that does that with beauty products that smell like food. Or is it really just me?


Then after sampling the serum, sorry, I mean applying it to my face, I finish off with the Essential Hydration cream a moisturiser of perfect consistency.

 Repair and Rebuild

Alpha H review.

Glycolic acid review.

On alternating nights (I chose every second night) I simply wiped the Liquid Gold over my face then applied my usual eye cream. You can use a night time moisturiser after but for best results, it’s best to leave it at that.


This stuff really stung my face but then again, I’m the type of person who screams out “OUCH!” and calls for an ambulance when I think I’ve had my foot stepped on.


It also clearly states on the packaging not to use this if you experience any adverse reactions like itching, burning or stinging.


I can’t tell if it was stinging or the slight tingling everyone mentions when they use this product because I get the same feeling from every facial product.


I was able to tell however, that this stuff gave my skin an amazing glow and really evened out my skin tone.

I do think I’ll be changing it’s use to every third or fourth day though.

Wipe it down



The Verdict?

I won’t be ditching my whole skincare routine for this but I will replace a couple of items with Alpha-H. I’ve already ordered a full sized Balancing Cleanser & will be ordering the Liquid Gold next. The one in the set it quite generously sized so I think it will last me at least another couple of weeks before I need to top up.

And if my horrendous before and after isn’t enough for you, why not hop over to Luxola anyway and check out their other skin care gifts sets because you can get 15% off with the code BLX-FASHANN at the checkout & really, who doesnt love discounts? I’ll be picking up a couple for my trip back to Thailand next month & they’d definitely make great travel sets for those Luxe Nomad Bali holidays everyone loves so much.

So while my skin wasn’t too bad to begin with, I do get the occasional blemish and have pretty terrible pores.


That spot between my eyebrows in the first photo disappeared the day after I started using Alpha-H 

And while it doesn’t show in the before photo here (I just got out of the shower and had a freshly washed face), my face is usually really shiny – my friends like to make fun of me for it. After a few days of using the set my shine was gone and replaced with a subtle glow instead of the usual “flat” look my skin has in the first photo. My pores had also significantly shrunken, something I didn’t expect from Alpha-H but a welcome bonus.

This post is in collaboration with, all views and opinions are my own. All products have been tested accordingly. Whatever that means.