Into The Woods

posted on: Saturday, April 18, 2015

A chunky knit jumper, comfortable treggings and small black bag make excellent travel companions for exploring both old and new places.

Forest fashion editorial. Fashion blogger style.

Wearing: Lisa fisherman jumper,* Maya biker treggings,* Dylan Kain Wax Snake bag,* The Mode Collective ankle boots, ZeroUV sunglasses*

Pine cones in the Myalup State Forest.

Pine cones, giant chalk boards with questionable doodles (see what I did there?) and greasy gas station food makes for one pretty stock standard Friday. For my brother and I anyway.


A cosy knit and some unbelievably comfortable pants from Boohoo were a great choice for the day’s cold antics and also for running, jumping and dancing around a pine forest. Completed the look with some enclosed leather ankle boots & the ever-versatile Wax Snake from Dylan Kain and I could probably have camped the night there if I had more spinach and ricotta rolls.

… and a bathroom because I am actually hopeless in the wilderness or anywhere outside of my house.


Between taking photos, were pondered the thought of “walkers” suddenly stumbling across our path and the idea that if we should ever steal a car,* this would apparently be the perfect place to dump it according to the burnt car bodies we saw, scattered throughout the state forest.



*Don’t worry, I can’t even steal food from my brother’s room and wouldn’t even know where to begin with stealing a car.

Fashion blogger editorial. Autumn style, black treggings & chunky knit jumper.
Chunky knit sweater from Boohoo clothing.

Autumn style editorial.

ZeroUV tortoiseshell sunglasses.

In this photo:


ZeroUV sunglasses 

You haven’t experienced true comfort outside of your bed until you’ve worn a pair of treggings. Something between a pair of trousers and leggings (who would have guessed?) they’re so comfy that you would be forgiven for thinking you had forgotten to put on any pants at all.


Since my favourite pair suffered an untimely demise from the washing machine – who reads garment care tags anyway? – I’ve been wearing this pair from with gold zipper hardware and biker details.

Maya Biker Treggings 

Harvey Dam:


Location: Harvey, Western Australia.

Height: 45 meters.

Capacity: 56 gigalitres.

Maximum discharge: 2100 cubic meters per second.

I actually worked in Harvey (Western Australia) for a couple of years and was surprised to find so many places I hadn’t seen or been to before in such a small town including this picturesque scene of pine trees lining a dam. I almost thought I had left Australia. Until I heard a group of people cussing behind us.

Harvey Dam, Western Australia.
Biker treggings from Boohoo. treggings & knit sweater.

Animal skull in the Myalup State Forest.

Myalup State Forest.

Dylan Kain Wax Snake bag & ZeroUV cat eye sunglasses.

In this photo:


Dylan kain Wax Snake bag, Zero UV sunglasses

Winter style outfit.

Double Zip Pony Hair Ankle Boots

Quite a mouthful to say, I’m just gonna go ahead and call them ankle boots. Mine are from The Mode Collective and feature gold double zips and a contrast of pony hair and leather but any pair of ankle boots will do for a road trip. As long as they are comfortable. The pointed end on mine required some breaking in but you know what the Atomic Kittens say; a little pain for a lot of pleasure. That pleasure being the freedom to frolic through the pine cones without the worry of sore feet.

The Mode Collective editorial.

In this photo:


The Mode Collective double zip ankle boots

Myalup State Forest, Western Australia.

Lisa Fisherman Jumper

When picking pinecones, one must be sure they are dressed appropriately. This means a chunky knit jumper, preferably in a neutral shade such as ivory, charcoal, stone or cream.


Current favourites include this one from and below selections.

Forest fashion editorial, wearing white knit jumper.

Chunky knit jumper winter style.
Time to head back to reality and face all the assignments that have been slowly but surely building up.
Or maybe I’ll just pitch a tent in the forest here?

Photos by William Valle-Pezzanelli.