That’s A Wrap – Summer Kimono

posted on: Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kimonos & wraps  in silky materials & soft shades make for the perfect summer kimono cover up.

Minimalist streets style outfit. Summer kimono. Perth fashion blogger.

Wearing: FATE Clothing Snake Petal wrap,* Seed Heritage silk tee, Echo Paul Double Zip pencil pant,* ZeroUV sunglasses*

ZeroUV sunglasses.

Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag.

In this photo:


Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag, Tiffany ring 

FATE Clothing minimalist style blogger outfit.
FATE Clothing minimalist style blogger outfit.

Pastel watercolour wrap cardigan.

Ray Ban sunglasses alternative.

The Mode Collective ankle strap point heels.

In this photo:


The Mode Collective ankle strap point heels


Light summer cover up wrap cardigan.

In the attempt of dressing myself in the usual head to toe black ensemble all whilst trying not to melt and burn under the Australian summer sun is another usual pop of colour. Dreamy, subdued hues reminiscent of crystal clear, green and azure beach waters and of unclouded summer skies scrapes past as an acceptable injection of colour into what would usually be a bleak variation of my everyday all black uniform. Soft enough that it doesn’t scream for attention yet striking enough for the subtle catching of eyes on the street, it’s the formula for the perfect summer kimono. I guess FATE just keeps coming up with beautiful colour combinations that even I want to adorn. My wardrobe might just be bursting with colour by the end of this summer.

And don’t forget the sunglasses if you don’t want to blind yourself outside or just don’t want to make eye contact with anyone/didn’t put makeup on like myself. This pair by ZeroUV is my new favourite. I used to think I couldn’t wear this type of eyewear thanks to a dear friend who once told said to me (in these exact words) that “the shape does nothing positive for your face”, but at least I won’t have to make direct eye contact with her anymore.