posted on: Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Go on a quick trip with the PopBasic Wanderlust collection.

ZeroUV sunglasses, Pop Basic stripe tee, FATE skirt, Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag.

Wearing: Popbasic stripe tee (Wanderlust collection)*, FATE clothing skirt,* Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag, URGE Footwear Tatum sandals, ZeroUV sunglasses*

ThePeachBox & ZeroUV.

Dawesville beach in Mandurah.

Mandurah golf course apartments.

FATE denim look skirt. Dylan Kain bag.

Mandurah golf course.

ZeroUV sunglasses, Pop Basic stripe tee, FATE skirt, Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag.
FATE skirt.

The Cut golf course, Mandurah.

Perth fashion blogger Shannon Valle.

Trying not to freeze to death in this summer appropriate combo. Who would have thought mini skirts and platform sandals weren’t for the beach? Who cares? This is by far the best casual outfit I’ve worn all Spring. Ok, so Spring just started yesterday but the weather still feels arctic. So I guess there’s basically no reason for my summer appropriate attire except that it’s really cool. Awesome denim (look) skirts like this one and the necessary basics like a striped tee do make for a pretty much perfect sunny weather outfit. The sunglasses were absolutely necessary though – it always seems to be glaringly white and blinding on overcast days like these.

I’m off to finish my assignments now – the power has a habit of cutting out whenever I feel academically productive – but I hope you enjoy the week!

PS. No one died in the making of this post.
PPS. The Popbasic Wanderlust collection is already sold out so visit the Popbasic site and sign up to make sure you don’t miss out again! Their micro-collections have the best combinations of clothing & accessories!