Throw It On Top

posted on: Thursday, August 7, 2014

A contrast coat is a great way to add depth or texture to an outfit.

Sheinside pleather & material coat.

Wearing: ASOS textured top, Sheinside contrast coat,* Unlabelled treggings (similar here), Niclaire Classic  Leather Wave pink tote,* Urge Tatum sandals (similar here)

Treggings, Niclaire pink leather tote bag.

Cheeze Magazine Thailand.

Treggings, Niclaire pink leather tote bag.

Last week I got a little crazy on the old ASOS website and ordered three lots of clothing within the space of one week. As torturous as it is waiting for packages on different days, the semi-surprise of mail was nice. Ok, it wasn’t really surprising at all since I obsessively tracked them items on an hourly basis but the idea of a surprise is still nice.

And if it looks like I’m really grumpy and just crawled out of bed it’s because that’s exactly the situation going on here. I tried to cover up my fatigue with layers of eye makeup but the result is just me looking as though I’ve stayed up for a week straight or like I’ve fallen down the stairs with blows to both eyes.

Make up is not my forte but I try.

Ending on a positive note though, my mom is finally back from Thailand after a month away and brought with her my favourite periodical; Cheeze Magazine plus a heap of cute stationary. Follow me on instagram @shannonvallespace if you’re interested in seeing the parts of my life that don’t make it onto here.

Have a great weekend!