De Lorenzo

posted on: Friday, August 15, 2014

Tame your mane with De Lorenzo.


 All hair care products from De Lorenzo Polkadot PR*








When I was about 7 years old one of the great questions in my life was “why is detangler called detangler when it doesn’t detangle?!” The slogan ‘no new tangles’ (or something similar) was very present in my childhood but I never understood it because it never worked.

Well, either hair technology has improved immensely since the 90s, my mom was using the wrong stuff on my hair or De Lorenzo has just got the greatest range of hair care products because the Infinite Detangler definitely works.

The lovely team from Polkadot PR sent me some products to try out and I was pretty impressed. To put it bluntly; I have long, out of control hair. I’ve only ever found a few products able to tame my hair (one of which is a straightener which I never use due to laziness) so I’m surprised this range worked so well on my tresses.

I’ve tried out all the products except the Sandstorm Dy Texture Spray and the Revive Hair Moisturiser and so far my favourites are the Infinite Detangler (obviously!) & the Oil Balance which is a pre treatment shampoo. My hair gets greasy pretty easily if I don’t wash it every two or so days and after using this I didn’t have to wash it for another five days. Wow.

However, the thing I like the most is the fact that all the products are plant based, petrochemical free and vegan. I don’t eat meat (except seafood, yes, I know how dumb that sounds) so this really stood out to me. Also, how cute is that barcode? It’s safe to assume that any brand which puts that much detail into their product packaging, delivers.

If you have any questions about the products or want an update on how the other two that I haven’t tested out go, leave comment below or check out their instagram to stay updated.

Have an awesome weekend!