Birk ‘n Socks

posted on: Wednesday, May 7, 2014

 Birkenstocks with socks = ?

Birkenstock Arizona sandals with socks fashion editorial.

Wearing: Cameo The Label TV Eyes dress (old), ThePeachBox ring* & bangle,* Niclaire Leather Love tote,* Birkenstock Arizona sandals, Cotton On knitted socks

Cameo the Label TV Eyes dress.

ThePeachBox & Cameo Collective blogger outfit.
ThePeachBox affordable modern jewellery.

In this photo:


When I see someone wearing the same outfit as me

Mandurah bushland.

Cameo Collective, Birkenstock, Niclaire. fashion blogger editorial.

Cameo Collective fashion editorial.

Niclaire Leather Love tote. Birkenstock Arizona sandals.

Birkenstocks with socks. Cameo Collective TV Eyes dress. Fashion editorial in the Australian bush.
Australian fashion editorial.


Birkenstocks with socks.

Australian fashion editorial.

ThePeachBox ring, half Thai model & fashion blogger.

In this photo:


ThePeachBox ring*

Birkstock Arizona sandals with socks.

The weather over here in Australia is starting to get gloomy, making it harder and harder to get outside and shoots some looks. But just to show how much I appreciate my readers I threw together this odd look and braved the rain for you guys in a secluded place I found not far from my house. It’s so silent and peaceful out there, it feels like I’m a whole other country. It’s become my new secret place to get away.

I’m not really sure what kind of look I was going for here, possibly crazy cat lady or grandpa in dress, but the socks kept me really warm and the leather bag kept my camera safe when it started pouring down with rain.

I received these two beautiful pieces of jewellery from ThePeachBox the other day and while they’re simple enough to go with everything they’re also modern enough to give that hint of class to a basic outfit.

It was fun jumping around on rotting logs in my favourite burlap sack dress, but getting caught in the rain & having to run through the bush is not (unfortunately my brother caught this on video) so I’m off to make myself a hot green tea.

Have a great week everyone!