Don’t Mesh With Me

posted on: Friday, February 21, 2014

Wrapping my legs in a mesh skirt while pretending to be an ice cream.


Wearing: Front Row Shop mesh skirt,* Masque top, Adidas Superstar sneakers






What enticed a lot of curious and confused stares resulted from a series of photos of me jumping and whipping my hair around like an epileptic pony.

Getting the most out of this skirt as I can before the end of summer arrives. It goes with almost everything including these Children’s Adidas kicks I bought forever ago. The mesh makes it perfect for these hot Australian summer days. It kinda acts as stylish insulation. Whatever that means.

Sorry for late post. School has returned and it’s back to the books for me (well, so far it’s been me running around buying my books last minute) but as soon as I get back into the flow of things I’ll be posting more

And I apologise for resorting the blogger’s white wall but I think I’ve used up all the photo op locations around where I live. At least it goes with the outfit I guess.

Happy weekend.

Photos by William Valle-pezzanelli

P.S. Just realised I look like a walking Neapolitan ice cream.
P.P.S. & now I’m just realising how summer appropriate that is.