Fibi & Clo

posted on: Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fifi & Fibi (& Clo).

Fifi Lapin print tee.

Wearing: Seams Theory skirt,* Fibi & Clo Audrey flats*, Unlabelled Fifi Lapin print top

Simple casual weekend outfit.

Tee with mini skirt. Fibi & Clo Audrey ballet flats.
Seams Theory baroque print mini skirt.

In this photo:


Me looking smug about something… If you find out what it was, let me know

Fibi & Clo Audrey ballet flats.

Simple casual weekend outfit.

Seams Theory baroque print mini skirt.

Fifi Lapin print top.

A couple of weeks ago I got these super pretty flats in the mail from Fibi & Clo but haven’t had the time to blog about them. I tried them on as soon as I got them and they were a little tight and I thought that the size was way too small. When I wore them today out though, after about five minutes of walking in them it felt like they had moulded to my feet and they became the most comfortable ballet flats I’ve ever worn. I’m not really a ballet flat kinda girl but I’ll be wearing them a lot when uni goes back because they’re so comfortable and their detail makes them look so elegant. If you need a pair of flats, head to Fibi & Clo. All their designs are beautiful and the prices are really affordable!

I also received this skirt in the mail a few weeks ago and while I’m not really a body-con kinda girl either (am I an anything kinda girl?) I found myself really liking this one. Usually tight clothing is pretty unforgiving to me but I was surprised that this skirt didn’t emphasise my “fitness imperfections”.

The top I’m wearing is something I have too many of: Fifi Lapin print shirts. I’m not sure why but every time I go back to Thailand I always buy at least one of these tops. It’s probably my weakness for cute prints, they’re too adorable for me to pass up.

Have a great weekend and if you’re Australian have an awesome Australia day.

I’ll probably be celebrating. In my room. With food.

And the box set of Friends. The only friends I have.*

*That’s not true, they’re not even my friends because I took it from my brother’s room.