Carnival Amusement

posted on: Sunday, October 6, 2013

A few photos of the 2013 Perth Royal Show in between some outfit shots.

ZARA skort & Your Eyes Lie top.

Wearing: Your Eyes Lie top,* Zara skort (similar here), Adidas shoes

2013 Perth Royal Show.

Perth Royal show chocolate dipped strawberries.

 Something strange has been happening lately that’s only happened once before; I’ve been so ahead of my blog that I’ve got posts to the moon and back queued up. There’s actually only two but whatever.

Of course this means I’ve had too much time on my hands and I should probably be studying for the upcoming exams but hey, I love you guys.

It also means that whenever you read a post, it’s old news and might not make a lot of sense, but stay with me. With the way I get sidetracked, it’s probably not going to be for long.

None of this makes sense anyway so I’m going to go right into the outfit by saying that I love this top so much I’ve worn it four times in the past week. Don’t tell anybody though.

And the sneakers? Well I bought them about three years ago and unearthed them from the bottomless shoe pile in my closet with the tags still attached. Reading the tags now they actually say “children sizes” but I’m a child at heart so it’s all very fitting and they were super comfortable for a day walking around the Perth Royal Show.

I’d better go and do some studying now I guess.