Currently Coveting – Accessories

posted on: Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lusting over awesome accessories.


Givenchy Pandora bag, wishlist, doc Marten boots, perspex clutch

About time I did another one of these right? I actually try to stay away from making compilations of things I want because I just keep finding more & more stuff I love & well, there goes my life savings.

I’ve managed to stick with basics & things I wanted forever (but still can’t afford) & accessories in this one.

1. Black & White Dr Martens – Yes, I want both. Ever since I was obsessed with watching Princess Hours repeatedly.

2. Givenchy Pandora bag – This has been on my wish list FOREVER. I can’t decide if I want the large so I can lug the kitchen sink around with me, the medium because it’s practical or the mini for it’s cute-ness. 

I’ll probably just get them all & live off instant ramen for the rest of my life.

3. Marc Jacobs Rock Chronograph watch – I really want a white & gold watch but everything is rose gold these days. This disappoints me. I’d still buy this watch though.

4. Chloe sunglasses – are just something you’re supposed to have.

5. Joia Lucite clutch – Transparent pairs with everything. ‘Nuff said.

6. Jeffrey Campbell Icy Star – I’d even wear these without the glitter confetti. The simple black boot is perfect & you already know the perspex heel makes it extremely versatile. I’d also like them in white.