posted on: Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One way to make it look like you do work is to dress like a working wearing high visibility clothes. What? You didn’t fall for it?

Hi vis fashion. Alexander Wang Marion bag.

Wearing: Persunmall top*, Unlabelled jeggings, Alexander Wang Marion bag (super awesome one here & here), Cannue shoes

Hi vis fashion. Alexander Wang Marion bag. Light blue jeggings. Persunmall clothing review.

Hi vis fashion. Alexander Wang Marion bag. Light blue jeggings.

If I look like I’m dressed for the wrong season it’s because I invest too much trust in Apple’s weather app. It’s ok though because my top added a little colour to such a gloomy day and it wasn’t even that cold. Must be all my natural layers of… muscle.

I missed my Marion bag so much while I was Thailand so I was excited to take him (yes, he’s a boy) out today.

And don’t worry, I didn’t lie to you guys about not wearing jeans. These aren’t real jeans. They’re like jeggings, but not. I have no idea what they’re called so I’m gonna name them ‘jeans with elastic instead of a fly’. That’s probably what jeggings are. I’m so glad we had this talk and sorted that out.

Also, my father so kindly pointed out that I look like a road worker in my “hi-vis vest” as he calls it. It’s not even a vest, I know (so ignorant of fashion huh?), but I chose this top in an attempt to show you guys some colour without having to sacrifice my wispy-white-clothing addiction.