Black, White & Red All Over

posted on: Tuesday, July 2, 2013

There’s not much out there that’s more satisfying than discovering that secret beaches in Thailand are a real thing and then proceeding to laze around doing absolutely nothing (except for an outfit post of course) all day.

Monochrome look. Zara skort.

Wearing: Trendy Club blouse, Zara skort, URGE sandals

Thai fashion blogger.

Frangipanis on the grass at a beach resort in Thailand.

Thailand fashion blogger.
Half Thai, lukkreung fashion blogger Shannon Valle.

Secret beaches in Thailand.

Half Thai lukkreung fashion blogger.

Lily pads at a resort in Thailand.

Thailand beach resort. Crossover blouse & ZARA skort.
Tropical fashion editorial featuring ZARA skort & crossover blouse.

Palms trees in Thailand.

Thailand frangipanis.

Palm tree textures in Thailand.
Half Thai lukkreung fashion blogger. Tropical beach fashion editorial.

Tropical beach fashion editorial.

Thailand deserted beach with white sand & palm trees.

This is my pretty basic interpretation of a panda wearing classic panda colors. Funnily enough there is photo of me standing amongst bamboo. It’s hideous so I didn’t post it here. Sorry for the disappoint.

Sorry for the overuse of these sandals but they and a pair of nude pumps (don’t ask why I packed them, they are strangely very un-versatile) are the only shoes I bought here.

I also apologise for the unevenness of color in my limbs (and my out of control crazy frizzy hair) but that’s what happens when you spend 4 hours on a boat without sun protection. I am literally a newspaper/sunburnt zebra (or panda) joke. On the plus side, I spent the weekend in a paradise just snorkelling and eating myself fat.

Finally got my hands on that ZARA skort. I don’t care how over-worn it is or how late I am to get it. It is the comfiest skort I own. Well, I only own two so I don’t know how much that says. Went all out on the jagged edges with a top in a similar cut & pranced around the resort with my friend taking these photos much to the amused stares of the locals.

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P.S. How amazing is that beach? Secret beaches in Thailand do exist.

Photos by a friend.