Recycled – Lace Trim Shorts

posted on: Monday, December 3, 2012

Throwing on my favourite pieces; this silk tee and these lace trim shorts to create a “new” but not really new look.

Lace trim shorts & silk tee.

Sportsgirl silk t-shirt, Finders Keepers lace shorts, URGE sandals, Alexander Wang Marion bag

Perth’s Water Town discount outlet.

Alexander Wang Marion bag in eggshell white. Perth fashion blog.

Rokeby Road in Subiaco, Perth.

White silk top with lace trim shorts & platform sandals.

Subiaco, Perth.

If you feel like you’ve seen this outfit before, well… it’s because you have, but not exactly. In a same kind of way.
It’s basically my favorite pieces worn all together at the same time in a different way.
Remember this post where I wear this exact top with these exact shorts? But because I tucked the top in it makes a completely new outfit. Or a recycled one at the least.
And yep, I have unashamedly used this bag repeatedly in the three last outfit posts but it’s my absolute favorite and small enough that no one can ask me to carry their water bottle/car keys/wallet/ect around for them

And yes it is without a doubt a good idea to throw all your favorite pieces on simultaneously to create the most perfect outfit you’ll ever wear in your life. Trust me, try it out & you’ll possibly thank me.
(Or want to kill me for making you look ridiculous.)

Anyway, went to the city for eight hours to look for my birthday dress. Found nothing that was pink and sparkly that didn’t look tacky so returned home with macarons and really sore feet.

I did end up ordering my dress online though and it will be arriving sometime this week.

Back to work it is.