posted on: Monday, June 18, 2012

Taking a much needed break down by the sea and doing some cute turtle watching in Sattahip, Thailand.

Travelling Thailand. Sattahip beach.

Wearing: Sportsgirl tee, Refuge Clothing denim shorts, Haviana flip flops, Unlabelled bag

Clams for dinner on the beach in Thailand.

Half Thai fashion blogger, Shannon Valle.
Aussie, Thai fashion blogger.

Hanging bird of paradise flower. Sattahip, Thailand.

Gazebo at the end of a jetty. Travelling Thailand.

Thailand beach flowers; frangipanis.

Sattahip, Thailand.
Half Thai fashion blogger Shannon Valle.

Palms trees lining a beach in Sattahip, Thailand.

Thai fashion blogger Shannon Valle.

Affordable accommodation in Thailand at Sattahip.

Sorry (or maybe it’s you’re welcome) for the lack of my face, but I have a habit of pulling faces or looking downright weird in photos taken on holidays. Basically this is my usual wear when I’m on vacation. Something simple, preferably comfortable basics paired with a some worn-in denim shorts. I know I’ve over used this bag a lot lately but it was the only one I bought with me on our weekend away to the beach and stupidly, the most difficult one out of all my bags to use… Satchel with a zip, flap and clasp? At least I’m less likely to be pick pocketed. Not that there’s really anyone around Sattahip to pickpocket. That’s right, a place in Thailand with hardly anyone actually exists.

Onto our weekend: we went to a beach in Thailand in an area by the name of Sattahip and we were meant to go to an island but the boats we all cancelled due to a storm that blew in. Instead we went to look at turtles at some turtle sanctuary which I admit were pretty cute. We didn’t stay long becaus, as cute as turtles are, they can only entertain you for so long,* so we moved on to our next destination up in the mountains which I’ll share with you in my next post. Follow on my links below to tag along with me.

*I lied, I could probably stare at baby turtles swimming around for a week straight.