In The Jungle – North Thailand

posted on: Saturday, June 23, 2012

It’s off to North Thailand this time, with brightly coloured jeans and equally as fun desserts.

Thai fashion blogger in Chiang Mai. Fluoro pink skinny jeans outfit. North Thailand travel.

Wearing: Sportsgirl tee, F & F jeans, Haviana flip flops

Travelling Thailand - Chiang Mai jungle resort.
Chiang Mai jungle resort.

Pink skinny jeans with white tee outfit.

North Thailand, resort in the mountains.

Essential heat treat when travelling North Thailand - watermelon icy pole.


Desserts so much better than sex that my mom would buy them for me?

Well, she did.


I chose the banana cream pie – it was essentially blended banana with cream and sprinkles on top of it.


North Thailand, the little town of Pai.



Right now we’re in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. The resort we’re staying at is beautiful. It’s a big garden with twisting paths all over it and ambience music comes out of chunks of wood (no kidding) which as strange as it sounds, is quite relaxing.

I wish I had more time to explore the resort, relax in the jacuzzi and use the hell out of the free wifi here but my mother had this great idea which involved us sitting in a car for three hours, going up & down what felt like the most twisted roads in the world and me being car sick. All so we could go to some kind of biggish town in the middle of all the mountains that sold “desserts better than sex” that your mom would apparently buy for you. My mom actually did buy one for me. I was so tired I don’t actually remember a lot of what we did there but I did stand on that bridge in the above photo & ordered a strange “beef burger” from a strange little cafe full of hippies & backpackers. The cafe even had a “chill out room” upstairs with rules like ‘remove your shoes before entering’ and ‘no bullying other people’ which I guess is fair.

Anyway, the jeans I bought from a chain store in Thailand called Tesco Lotus, I guess it’s kind of like a  Target mixed with Woolworths for you fellow Aussies. The top, I know I wear more than anything else, but Sportsgirl basics are the most comfortable things and the flip flops excuse is these are easily the most suitable footwear to have when travelling with people like my family. I’ve been in mountains all day, walked through a flooded bathroom and shopped in a market with cobbled stones and holes all over it and my feet are still whole. Wait, should I be wearing sneakers?

Now I’m going to get some shut eye before I have to sit back in a car for the another 12 hours tomorrow.