Brown & Black – Leather Look Jacket

posted on: Monday, June 4, 2012

Possibly nothing screams lazier dresser than leather look jacket and heels thrown over the top of what’s essentially pyjamas.

Perth fashion blogger wearing black leather look jacket, brown top & owl necklace.

Black leather jacket with boyfriend jeans.
American flag graffiti top, skull bag.

Outfit 1: Unlabelled top,  IDS Jacket, Just Jeans jeans, NOVO heels

Outfit 2: friend’s top, Just Jeans jeans, friend’s bag, NOVO heels

White heart shaped sunglasses. Australind, Western Australia.

Copper owl necklace.

Today my boyfriend went fishing. Which I did not want to do. Actually, this is something I rarely ever want to do. So I got out my the Canon and messed around with some photos and here is the result: an unorganised mess which could possibly mean I got dressed in the dark while playing spotlight. Or it could not. I’ll let you come to your own conclusion. It doesn’t matter because neither work out in my favour.

I know nothing really goes together in this outfit but I don’t care because I’ve been in a lazy mood for the past month & this is my idea of a lazy outfit. Don’t ask where the sunglasses come in either. I saw them on my boyfriend’s friend’s bookshelf and decided to wear them which I think I did awesomely. Not really, but let me have this one.

I haven’t really done anything interesting lately, except overdose myself on hot cross buns (very regretful after doing this for the past few weeks) but how is your going?